2011 Toyota Land Cruiser 8 Passenger SUV

MRSP: $69,000+
City: 13 mpg
Highway: 18 mpg
Engine: 5.7L V8 engine 

Seating: 8 – Third row seats
Towing Capacity:  8200 lbs

2011 toyota land cruiser pictures

2011 Toyota Land Cruiser Features

The 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser comes with plenty of features that will fit most needs for consumers. This vehicle offers leather bucket style seats in the front and reclining rear seats for more comfort for passengers in the back and is an 8 passenger vehicle. For those who are shorter and for small children running boards are available to help get into the vehicle.
Other features that this four wheel drive land cruiser offers are a trailer hitch to pull boats or whatever recreational vehicle chosen, cruise control, and power features for the doors and windows.

2011 Toyota Land Cruiser Advantages

Just a few of the advantages the Toyota Land Cruiser has to offer the driver and passengers are added storage space and plenty of cup holders. Another advantage is climate control that can be set at four different climates, reading lights, and vanity mirrors for those who are on the go and need to do touch up makeup before leaving the vehicle.

The safety measures that this vehicle has offers good advantages for drivers. With audio and cruise control buttons located on the steering wheel, it will be safer to change the radio station, adjust the volume, and set cruise control. The front and rear parking sensors is another added benefit to this vehicle. These sensors can alert the driver if any vehicles, children, or any object is around them when backing up or parking.

2011-toyota-land-cruiser 8 passenger seats2011-toyota-land-cruiser cargo room

2011 Toyota Land Cruiser Disadvantages

The disadvantages to this vehicle on the other hand can cause problems when wanting to conserve cash. This vehicle is considered to be on the high side of cost when first buying the vehicle, especially when upgrades are bought with it. Another disadvantage to the cruiser is the gas mileage. The gas mileage for the Toyota Land Cruiser is 13 miles per gallon in the city and 18 miles when on the highway.  However, if you’re looking to buy one you probably making enough money to afford this luxury SUV.

2011 Toyota Land Cruiser Options

The Toyota Land Cruiser does come with optional choices that cost extra and choices that the buyer can choose from without paying more for the vehicle.

The color of the vehicle is one option that does not cost extra. There is a choice of two basic colors for the interior of the Toyota cruiser. For the exterior color, there is more options to choose from that allow the consumer to have some say in the personalization of the vehicle.

The optional choices that cost extra can normally be purchased in a bundle. Just some of the options that are available to choose from are a navigational system, entertainment center for the rear seats, traffic updating technology, and remote engine start abilities.

2011-toyota-land-cruiser dash picture2011-toyota-land-cruiser

2011 Toyota Land Cruiser Conclusion

This vehicle can be a great and reliable choice for individuals though many walks of life. The price of the vehicle may be considered high, but the advancements that are in the vehicle and that are available can provide the driver and 7 passengers plenty of perks.

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